Tat Somphamit

Top choice in Don Det & Don Khon

Now billing itself as the Don Khone Somphamit Waterfalls Park, vast Tat Somphamit (also called Li Phi) is a gorgeous set of raging rapids. Recent developments include clear walking paths and the Mekong Fly zipline. While local fishers risk their skin edging out onto rocks, don't try this yourself – the rapids are extremely dangerous, and there have been deaths.

At the back end of the park, below the falls, is little Li Phi Beach (under water in the rainy season). A fundamental fear of ghosts means you'll never see locals swimming here. But even rationalists need to be wary as the current runs fast. Xai Kong Nyai Beach, a kilometre downriver, is a safer, year-round swimming option.

Above the beach is a lovely thatched-roof restaurant and though it stops serving at 5pm, you can stick around to watch the sunset. There are lots of other, cheaper restaurants set back away from the falls.