Vulture landing on a cow in Veal Krous Vulture Feeding Station, Cambodia.

© neil bowman/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Veal Krous Vulture Feeding Station

Northwestern Cambodia

In order to save three critically endangered species – the white-rumped, slender-billed and red-headed vultures – the Wildlife Conservation Society ( set up a ‘vulture restaurant’ in the village of Dong Plet, northeast of Chaeb on the edge of the Preah Vihear Protected Forest. A cow carcass is placed in a field, and visitors waiting in a nearby bird hide watch as these incredibly rare vultures move in to devour the carrion.

Visits are offered by Siem Reap–based Sam Veasna Center.

Trips here involve an overnight at a WCS forest safari camp. Access to the site is year-round, but try to give SVC at least a week's notice to assure your spot.

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