Karakol History Museum

Occupying an archetypal 1887 Russian house, this museum has a few Scythian bronze artefacts, local tools and musical instruments. Taxidermists' victims share a room with exhibits celebrating the Kumtor Gold Mine. Little is in English except for the remarkable section exhibiting the photography of Swiss explorer Ella Maillart, who came this way in 1932.

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1. Pedagogical College

0.14 MILES

Attractive historic building just opposite the cathedral, worth a look though they don't welcome tourists wandering in.

2. Holy Trinity Cathedral

0.19 MILES

Set peacefully amid trees, this hefty wooden structure is topped with green-roofed towers and almost-golden onion domes. The 1872 stone original was…

3. Tagay-biy Statue

0.21 MILES

Local hero Tagay-biy, renown as a great warrior who lead the Kyrgyz to victory during the 16th invasion of Kalmyk tribes, is memorialised in statue form…

4. Merchant's Home

0.31 MILES

This two-storey home with an ornate balcony is one of the most attractive historic structures in town, but sadly isn't open to the public.

5. Lenin Statue

0.48 MILES

Keep an eye out for the small statue of Lenin along Gebze, overlooking the university.

6. Dungan Mosque

0.51 MILES

A tip-tilted triple roof, carved-layered eaves and wooden exterior pillars give this colourful 1910 mosque the look of a Chinese Buddhist temple…

7. Radio & TV Office

0.59 MILES

This historic building still serves as the office of the local Radio and TV company, which is not open to the public.

8. Karakol River Park

0.83 MILES

Developed under the initiative of the Destination Karakol public association, this area of nicely maintained land alongside the Karakol River has benches,…