Boz-Uchuk Lakes

Issyk-Köl Oblast

Though small, the craggy mountains that back these two high-altitude lakes make for an impressive scene; as does the long look back down from their shelf above the Boz-Uchuk Valley and down towards the border with Kazakhstan. The terrain around the lakes stays quite marshy, so it's generally better to camp below in the main valley.

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1. Köl-Tör Lake

8.45 MILES

This small but pretty mountain lake is a great day trip up the Ak-Suu Valley. The hike climbs from 1760m off the highway to 3245m at the lake, so don't…

2. Kök-Bel Waterfall

14.41 MILES

The height and impressive rocky cove, as well as pleasant landscapes en route, make this waterfall a nice walk or horse ride from the village even if it's…

3. Tulpar-Köl

14.82 MILES

The still waters of this quiet mountain lake reflect the surrounding forests, and the trail up looks out over splendid views of the surrounding valleys…

4. Ala-Köl

19.27 MILES

The two-day trek to stunning Ala-Köl is for many visitors a highlight of the entire Kyrgyzstan experience. Though less than 1.5 km², the range of massive…

5. Jolgolot Viewpoint

20.75 MILES

Hike the hour or two up from the village of Jolgolot (a suburb of Karakol) to take in stunning views of the city and Issyk-Köl to the north and the…

6. San-Tash

21.17 MILES

According to local legend, this large pile of thousands of rocks hearkens back to the Timurid era. As the story goes, en route to an invasion of China the…

7. Victory Park

23.31 MILES

In addition to the standard monument of Victory on a plinth, memorialising the end of WWII, Karakol's Victory Park also includes an interesting monument…

8. Radio & TV Office

23.55 MILES

This historic building still serves as the office of the local Radio and TV company, which is not open to the public.