Nur-Sultan (Astana)

Striking headquarters of Kazakhstan's sovereign wealth fund.

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3. Senate

0.13 MILES

One of the two towers of parliament.

4. Mazhilis

0.15 MILES

One of the two towers of parliament.

5. Ploshchad Poyushchykh Fontanov

0.22 MILES

The eastern half of Nurzhol bulvar starts with this plaza, which springs to life with music-and-water shows at 9pm on summer evenings. Further east stand…

6. Ak Orda

0.28 MILES

Grandiose building that houses the offices of the president of Kazakhstan. You can only admire it from the outside.

7. Bayterek Monument

0.43 MILES

Nurzhol bulvar's centrepiece is this 97m-high monument, a white latticed tower crowned by a large glass orb. This embodies a Kazakh legend in which the…

8. National Archive

0.54 MILES

The egg-domed National Archive stands just west of the Bayterek Monument.