Palace of Independence

Nur-Sultan (Astana)

The rather squat Palace of Independence is well worth a visit especially for its huge scale model of how Nur-Sultan is planned to look in 2030. It also holds an interesting ethnographic hall which stages temporary exhibitions, such as one featuring the psychedelic art of Bakhtybek Talkambayev. English-language tours are available if you call in advance.

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Nearby Nur-Sultan (Astana) attractions

1. Kazak Yeli Monument

0.13 MILES

The 91m-high tall Kazak Yeli monument, topped by a golden eagle, is intended to symbolise the historic destiny of Kazakhstan's people. The figures at the…

4. Hazrat Sultan Mosque

0.37 MILES

This huge mosque, opened in 2012, boasts Kazakhstan's largest dome, as well as beautifully marbled interiors. Look out for a splendid old copy of the…

5. Palace of Peace & Reconciliation

0.41 MILES

This beautiful glass-and-steel pyramid was opened in 2006 as the home for the triennial Congress of World and Traditional Religions, hosted by Kazakhstan…

6. Ak Orda

1.17 MILES

Grandiose building that houses the offices of the president of Kazakhstan. You can only admire it from the outside.

7. Senate

1.37 MILES

One of the two towers of parliament.

8. Mazhilis

1.41 MILES

One of the two towers of parliament.