Sextius Florentinus Tomb

The Ancient City

A few hundred metres around the hill from the Royal Tombs is the seldom-visited Sextius Florentinus Tomb, built from AD 126 to 130 for a Roman governor of Arabia, whose exploits are glorified in an inscription above the entrance. Unlike many other tombs, the interior is worth a look for the clearly discernible loculi (graves); there are five carved into the back wall and three on the right as you enter.

Have a cup of tea with the Bedouin grandmother who has set up shop here and you can admire the dazzling veining of the tomb in peace. The gorgon’s head in the centre of the facade above the columns is eroded, but it’s still possible to distinguish the vine tendrils emanating from the head. The horned capitals are a uniquely Nabataean creation.

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