The Ancient City

At the start of the Colonnaded Street, this public fountain was built in the 2nd century AD and fed by water channelled from the Siq. Little can be seen today, although it’s recognisable by the huge 450-year-old pistachio tree, giving welcome shade in summer.

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2. Middle Market

0.09 MILES

It is likely that the shops of the upper market would have continued along this portion of the Colonnaded Street.

3. Petra Church

0.11 MILES

An awning covers the remains of Petra Church (also known as the Byzantine Church). Inside the church are some exquisite Byzantine floor mosaics, some of…

4. Royal Palace

0.14 MILES

In making your way up to the Temple of Winged Lions, you might wonder what the old pile of stones opposite represents. Spread over a broad platform, this…

5. Upper Market

0.14 MILES

Shops would have lined the Colonnaded Street along the front side of this colossal and as yet unexcavated building.

6. Blue Church

0.15 MILES

Commanding good views of the central portion of Petra, the remains of this ruined church have a stone floor.

7. Colonnaded Street

0.16 MILES

Downhill from the Theatre, the Colonnaded Street marks the centre of the Ancient City. The street was built around AD 106 and follows the standard Roman…