Dorotheos' House

The Ancient City

Referring to a complex of ruined houses, rather than just one, this set of ruins earned its name from the Greek inscription on the triclinium. The triclinium, a vast building intended for feasting, is easily identified by the three doors and windows.

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1. Sextius Florentinus Tomb

0.15 MILES

A few hundred metres around the hill from the Royal Tombs is the seldom-visited Sextius Florentinus Tomb, built from AD 126 to 130 for a Roman governor of…

2. Palace Tomb

0.36 MILES

The delightful three-storey imitation of a Roman or Hellenistic palace, known as the Palace Tomb, is distinctive among the Royal Tombs for its rock-hewn…

3. Christian Tombs

0.37 MILES

Many of these caves are marked with crosses, leading to the assumption that they may have been used for Christian burial.

4. Corinthian Tomb


The badly damaged Corinthian Tomb is something of a hybrid, with Hellenistic decorative features on the upper level and a Nabataean portico on the lower…

5. Cistern


Hilltop Nabataean cistern with wonderful views of the Theatre.

6. Silk Tomb

0.44 MILES

Next to the distinctive Urn Tomb in the Royal Tomb group is the so-called Silk Tomb, noteworthy for the stunning swirls of pink-, white- and yellow-veined…

7. Urn Tomb

0.48 MILES

The most distinctive of the Royal Tombs is the Urn Tomb, recognisable by the enormous urn on top of the pediment. It was built in about AD 70 for King…

8. Turkmaniya Tomb

0.52 MILES

With the bottom half of the facade missing, this tomb is remarkable for the Nabataean inscription it bears – the longest yet found in Petra.