Aaron's Tomb

The Ancient City

Crowning the top of Jebel Haroun, this tomb encased in a 14th-century, whitewashed shrine is thought to be the last resting place of Aaron, Moses' brother. It is visible from afar, catching the first and last of the day's light above the Petra hilltops.

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1. Ath Thughra Ruins

1.39 MILES

Lining the steep banks of Wadi Thughra, tombs coddle almost the entire area of this vertical piece of rock.

2. Snake Monument


This eroded stone pillar capped with a serpentine form appears to keep guard over the periphery of the Ancient City of Petra. It acts as a useful landmark…

4. Tombs

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Unexcavated tombs along the base of the eastern cliffs near the Edomite village lie off the beaten track making them a good place to explore in the…

5. Monastery

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Hidden high in the hills, the Monastery is one of the legendary monuments of Petra. Similar in design to the Treasury but far bigger (50m wide and 45m…

6. Nabataean Quarry

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Tucked along Wadi Siyagh, at a bend in the rocky wadi bottom, there is a hint of former excavation along the wadi walls. Most of the edifices in the…

7. Convent Group

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This dense cluster of tombs makes a striking feature during a hike around Al Habis or along Wadi Siyagh. In spring they are often decorated with flowering…

8. Crusader Fort

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At the summit of Al Habis are the limited remains of this fort built in AD 1116 by Baldwin I. The ruins are not impressive, but the views across the city…