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The Ancient City

This dense cluster of tombs makes a striking feature during a hike around Al Habis or along Wadi Siyagh. In spring they are often decorated with flowering aloe that strain across the wadi towards the sun; their tall stems appear to light up when caught in a sunbeam, enticing the hiker further up the wadi.

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1. Nabataean Quarry

0.03 MILES

Tucked along Wadi Siyagh, at a bend in the rocky wadi bottom, there is a hint of former excavation along the wadi walls. Most of the edifices in the…

2. Painted House

0.09 MILES

Somewhat unique among buildings in Petra as it sports a coloured interior, the walls of this Nabataean dwelling are painted in ochres, burnt umbers and…

3. Al Habis

0.09 MILES

Beyond Qasr Al Bint is the small hill of Al Habis (the Prison). From the Nabataean Tent Restaurant, steps lead up the hill past a disused museum around…

4. Unfinished Tomb

0.12 MILES

Offers a rare glimpse of the way the Nabataeans constructed their rock tombs, starting at the top on a platform of scaffolding and working their way down.

5. Crusader Fort

0.16 MILES

At the summit of Al Habis are the limited remains of this fort built in AD 1116 by Baldwin I. The ruins are not impressive, but the views across the city…

6. Columbarium

0.17 MILES

The multiple niches of the the enigmatic Columbarium remain a mystery; some suppose they housed votive images or urns, others say this was a dovecote for…

7. Qasr Al Bint

0.17 MILES

One of the few free-standing structures in Petra, Qasr Al Bint was built in around 30 BCE by the Nabataeans. It was later adapted to the cult of Roman…

8. Altar

0.18 MILES

The sacrificial altar in front of the Qasr Al Bint was once overlaid with marble, indicating that it was probably the main place of worship in the…