Ath Thughra Ruins

The Ancient City

Lining the steep banks of Wadi Thughra, tombs coddle almost the entire area of this vertical piece of rock.

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1. Snake Monument

0.12 MILES

This eroded stone pillar capped with a serpentine form appears to keep guard over the periphery of the Ancient City of Petra. It acts as a useful landmark…

3. Tombs

0.69 MILES

Unexcavated tombs along the base of the eastern cliffs near the Edomite village lie off the beaten track making them a good place to explore in the…

5. Lion Monument

0.87 MILES

Water here was channelled to pour out of the lion’s mouth from the rock face above – an example of Nabataean engineering at its most sophisticated. A…

6. Garden Tomb


One of the most striking monuments in Wadi Farasa, this tomb may have been used as a temple.

7. Garden Triclinium

0.91 MILES

This hall was used for annual feasts to honour the dead placed in the Roman Soldier’s Tomb. The hall is unique in Petra because it has carved decoration…

8. Crusader Fort

0.92 MILES

At the summit of Al Habis are the limited remains of this fort built in AD 1116 by Baldwin I. The ruins are not impressive, but the views across the city…