Garden Tomb

The Ancient City

One of the most striking monuments in Wadi Farasa, this tomb may have been used as a temple.

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1. Garden Triclinium

0.03 MILES

This hall was used for annual feasts to honour the dead placed in the Roman Soldier’s Tomb. The hall is unique in Petra because it has carved decoration…

3. Lion Monument

0.07 MILES

Water here was channelled to pour out of the lion’s mouth from the rock face above – an example of Nabataean engineering at its most sophisticated. A…

5. High Place of Sacrifice

0.16 MILES

The most accessible of Petra’s High Places, this well-preserved site was built atop Jebel Madbah with drains to channel the blood of sacrificial animals…

6. Obelisks

0.17 MILES

At more than 6m high, these remarkable structures are carved out of the rock face, not built upon it: looking at the negative space surrounding them, it's…

7. Broken Pediment Tomb

0.19 MILES

Erosion has left only a weathered 'keyhole' in the facade of this tomb, accessed via stone steps.

8. Theatre

0.25 MILES

Originally built by the Nabataeans (not the Romans) more than 2000 years ago, the Theatre was chiselled out of rock, slicing through many caves and tombs…