Ōte-mon, meaning 'great hand gate', was the main entrance to Edo-jō and would have had a guard of 120 men. It is now the main gate to the Imperial Palace East Garden.

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1. Museum of Imperial Collections

0.07 MILES

This small museum inside the Imperial Palace East Garden hosts changing exhibitions drawn from the 9500-plus artworks owned by the imperial family.

2. Wadakura Fountain Park

0.18 MILES

Just to the northeast corner of Kōkyo-gaien Plaza, this small park has two fountains that were built to commemorate the weddings of past Emperor Akihito…

3. Imperial Palace East Garden

0.21 MILES

Crafted from part of the original castle compound, these lovely free gardens allow you to get close-up views of the massive stones used to build the…

4. Kikyō-mon

0.21 MILES

Kikyō-mon is one of the main original gates to Edo-jō. This is the departure point for official tours of parts of the Imperial Palace grounds.

5. Hirakawa-mon

0.28 MILES

This side gate to the San-no-maru (third compound) of the castle was used mainly by maidservants.

6. Tōkagakudō Concert Hall

0.32 MILES

Built in 1966 for the 60th birthday of Empress Kojun, this concert hall inside the Imperial Palace East Garden has a petal-shaped roof and outer scalloped…

7. Tenshudai

0.36 MILES

Near the north exit of the Imperial Palace East Garden, all that remains of the main keep (donjon) of Edo-jō is its sloping stone base, which you can…

8. Kitahanebashi-mon


Meaning 'northern drawbridge gate' this was the principal entrance to the north side of Edo-jō and now provides access to the Imperial Palace East Garden…