Meaning 'northern drawbridge gate' this was the principal entrance to the north side of Edo-jō and now provides access to the Imperial Palace East Garden. The drawbridge is now fixed to the ground.

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1. Tenshudai

0.04 MILES

Near the north exit of the Imperial Palace East Garden, all that remains of the main keep (donjon) of Edo-jō is its sloping stone base, which you can…

2. Tōkagakudō Concert Hall

0.09 MILES

Built in 1966 for the 60th birthday of Empress Kojun, this concert hall inside the Imperial Palace East Garden has a petal-shaped roof and outer scalloped…

3. National Museum of Modern Art (MOMAT)

0.12 MILES

Regularly changing displays from the museum's superb collection of more than 12,000 works are shown over floors 2 to 4; special exhibitions are mounted on…

4. Science Museum, Tokyo


Featuring a wide selection of exhibits aimed primarily at children and teenagers, the Science Museum has little in the way of English explanations, but…

5. Crafts Gallery

0.22 MILES

This red-brick building, an annex of MOMAT, stages excellent changing exhibitions of mingei (folk crafts): ceramics, lacquerware, bamboo, textiles, dolls…

6. Imperial Palace East Garden

0.22 MILES

Crafted from part of the original castle compound, these lovely free gardens allow you to get close-up views of the massive stones used to build the…

7. Hirakawa-mon

0.23 MILES

This side gate to the San-no-maru (third compound) of the castle was used mainly by maidservants.

8. Kitanomaru-kōen

0.26 MILES

This large park north of the Imperial Palace is home to noteworthy museums as well as the Nippon Budōkan concert hall. The gate at the park’s northern end…