Taiko Drum Museum

Asakusa & Sumida River

There are hundreds of drums from around the world here, including several traditional Japanese taiko. The best part is that you can actually play most of them (those marked with a music note). The shop downstairs sells drums and a lot of other associated traditional crafts.

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1. Asakusa

0.08 MILES

Worth searching out is this quirky 40-sq-metre exhibition space in an unmarked old house, hiding down a narrow alley. It's run by contemporary art curator…

2. Higashi Hongan-ji

0.13 MILES

This large temple offers peace and quiet inside the main hall. The temple was founded in the 17th century; the current building is a reconstruction from…

3. Kaminari-mon

0.26 MILES

The Sensō-ji temple precinct begins at this majestic gate, from which hangs an enormous chōchin (lantern); look under this to see a beautiful carved…

4. Five-Storey Pagoda

0.28 MILES

On the grounds of Sensō-ji, this 53m-high, five-storey pagoda is a 1973 reconstruction of a pagoda built by Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1648. The current…

5. Hōzō-mon

0.31 MILES

At the end of Sensō-ji's Nakamise-dōri, this gate is flanked by two fierce guardian deities. On the gate’s back side are a pair of 2500kg, 4.5m-tall…

6. Awashima-dō

0.32 MILES

This subtemple of Sensō-ji dates to the late 17th century. The deity enshrined here is a guardian of women and the temple is the site of a curious ancient…

7. Sensō-ji

0.34 MILES

Tokyo’s most visited temple enshrines a golden image of Kannon (the Buddhist goddess of mercy), which, according to legend, was miraculously pulled out of…