Park in Tokushima

Northeast of the train station is Tokushima's central park, Chūō-kōen, a lovely place for a stroll. You'll find the scant ruins of Tokushima-jō (Tokushima Castle) and the beautiful Senshūkaku-teien, an intimate 16th-century garden featuring rock bridges and secluded ponds. Get a glimpse into the castle's former grandeur at Tokushima Castle Museum, whose structure is based on the original castle's architecture and location. The museum contains a model of the castle town at its peak as well as artefacts.

Built in 1585 for Hachisuka Iemasa after he was granted the fiefdom of Awa by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, most of the castle was destroyed in 1875 following the Meiji Restoration. On display in the museum are the belongings of the daimyō (domain lord), including his boat, suits of armour, and letters to the local lord from Hideyoshi and the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu. Though displays are all in Japanese, an excellent English pamphlet is available.