YOKOHAMA, KANAGAWA-KEN, JAPAN - 2015/05/06: Sankeien was once the private property of the silk baron Hara Sankei, and was opened to the public in 1904. Hara wanted to share the beauty of his fortune by opening up his grounds. The cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn make Sankeien a favorite spot in Yokohama for both residents and visitors.  Besides the landmark three-storied pagoda, koi ponds, streams and an elegant feudal lords residence, numerous tea houses are scattered through the garden. (Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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This beautifully landscaped garden was established by a wealthy silk trader, Sankei Hara, and opened to the public in 1906. Paths winding between ponds lead to 17th-century buildings, several fine tea-ceremony houses and a 500-year-old, three-storey pagoda. From Yokohama or Sakuragi-chō Station, take bus 8 to Honmoku Sankei-en-mae bus stop (30 minutes).

A highlight is exploring inside the old Yanohara Family Residence in the Outer Garden, a time-warp Edo period abode transplanted from Gifu Prefecture in the 1960s to save it from being submerged by a dam.

You can join a free English-language tour at 2pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and weekends.

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