NYK Hikawa Maru


Moored at the eastern end of Yamashita-kōen, this 1930s luxury liner has stories to tell from its days conveying well-heeled Japanese passengers to Seattle, and later as a hospital ship in WWII. Inside you can see cabins (one of the staterooms was used by Charlie Chaplin), lounges, the engine room and bridge.

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Nearby Yokohama attractions

1. Yamashita-kōen

0.19 MILES

This elegant bayside park is ideal for strolling and ship-spotting. Moored at the eastern end is the 1930s passenger liner Hikawa Maru.

2. Silk Museum

0.35 MILES

This small museum opposite Yamashita-kōen pays tribute to Yokohama's history as a silk trading port.

4. Yokohama Archives of History

0.43 MILES

Inside the former British consulate, displays in English chronicle the saga of Japan's opening up at the Yokohama port following the arrival of Commodore…

5. Kantei-byō

0.44 MILES

Chinatown's heart is this elaborately decorated shrine dedicated to Guan Yu, an adopted deity of business. This incarnation (the fourth) was built in 1990.

7. Cup Noodles Museum

0.95 MILES

This impressively slick attraction is dedicated to, you guessed it, cup noodles. But in reality, its focus is more broad, with numerous exhibitions…

8. Yokohama Port Museum

1.15 MILES

Adjacent to the magnificent Nippon Maru, is this comprehensive, if somewhat dry, port museum. It's worth a visit for its detailed model ships and ship…