Ehime Prefecture

Ōyamazumi-jinja is one of the oldest Shintō shrines in western Japan. The deity enshrined here is the brother of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. The present structure dates from 1378, but in the courtyard is a 2600-year-old camphor tree, and the treasure hall contains the most important collection of ancient weapons found anywhere in Japan.

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1. Tokoro Museum

3.82 MILES

This museum boasts a small but interesting collection of modern sculpture, often satirical, in a hilltop building with stunning sea views from the deck…

2. Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture

3.95 MILES

This ode to architecture and Ōmi-shima showcases the natural beauty of the island through two buildings designed by internationally acclaimed architect…

3. Kōsan-ji

6.19 MILES

Buddhist theme park, anyone? Shortly after the death of his beloved mother in 1934, local steel-tube magnate and arms manufacturer Kanemoto Kōzō became a…

4. Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art

6.27 MILES

The Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art is dedicated to the life and work of the famous and well-travelled Setoda-born artist. The collection here includes…

5. Inno-shima Pirate Castle

10.74 MILES

Japan's Inland Sea was once a haven for pirates, and Inno-shima was the base of one of the three Murakami pirate clans. Today you can get a taste for that…

6. Shirataki-yama

10.99 MILES

It's a steep hike up to Shirataki-yama, a collection of sculptures of the 500 Rakan disciples of the Buddha, but a picturesque bonus are the excellent…

7. Onomichi City Museum of Art

15.59 MILES

This hilltop museum has changing exhibitions of local and Western art. The building, which was remodelled by architect Tadao Ando, has fine views and a…

8. Onomichi Literature Museum

15.7 MILES

This museum features displays on the lives and works of Hayashi Fumiko and other writers connected with Onomichi. It's interesting for fans of Japanese…