Buddhist Temple in Nikkō

This Tendai-sect temple was founded 1200 years ago by Shōdō Shōnin. The main hall (Sanbutsu-dō) houses a trio of 8m gilded wooden Buddha statues: Amida Nyorai (a primal deity in the Mahayana Buddhist canon) flanked by Senjū (deity of mercy and compassion) and Batō (a horse-headed Kannon). Its exterior is under wraps for restoration until 2020.

Rinnō-ji's Hōmotsu-den houses some 6000 treasures associated with the temple; the separate admission ticket includes entrance to the Shōyō-en strolling garden.

You can buy a combination ticket that covers entry to Rinnō-ji and Taiyūin-byō for ¥900.