Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art


On the grounds of Ninomaru park, this art museum has ancient Buddhist sculptures, modern paintings and a recreation of an ancient burial mound.

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1. Former Hosokawa Gyōbutei

0.13 MILES

Northwest of the castle, down paths of immaculately raked gravel, are the large villa and garden built for the Hosokawa clan. Inside the villa are…

2. Sakuranobaba Johsaien

0.26 MILES

This tourist complex at the foot of the castle grounds offers a one-stop opportunity to sample (and purchase) local foods, from fish cakes to tea to…

3. Wakuwaku-za

0.29 MILES

This family-friendly museum presents the history of Kumamoto and the castle from many angles, from the 10-minute video with English subtitles explaining…

4. Honmaru Palace


The 2008 reconstruction of the Honmaru Palace fairly gleams with fresh wood and gold-leaf paintings, particularly in the Sho-kun-no-ma receiving room…

5. Tenshūkaku


The castle's soaring black Tenshūkaku (main building, 29.5m tall) is today a historical museum with 6th-storey lookouts. The tower was closed at the time…

6. Kumamoto-jō

0.34 MILES

Dominating the skyline, Kumamoto's robust castle is one of Japan's best, built in 1601–07 by daimyō Katō Kiyomasa, whose likeness is inescapable around…