JAPAN - DECEMBER 10: Sumiyoshi Taisha Shinto Shrine, Osaka, Japan, 3rd century. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

De Agostini/Getty Images

Sumiyoshi Taisha


Dedicated to Shintō deities of the sea and sea travel, this graceful shrine was founded in the early 3rd century and is considered the headquarters for all Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. The buildings are faithful replicas of the ancient originals, with a couple that date back to 1810, and the grounds are criss-crossed by a tree- and lantern-lined waterway spanned by a bright orange drum bridge. It's a rare Shintō shrine that predates the influence of Chinese Buddhist architectural styles.

The Hankai line tram from Tennōji stops right in front of the torii (Shintō shrine gate).

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