Tōdai-ji Nandai-mon


The great south gate of Tōdai-ji contains two fierce-looking Niō (guardians). These recently restored wooden images, carved in the 13th century by famed sculptor Unkei, are among the finest examples of guardian statues in the country – dynamic and full of character, with dramatic musculature.

The gate is about 200m south of the Tōdai-ji temple enclosure.

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Nearby Nara attractions

1. Tōdai-ji Museum

0.04 MILES

The most recent building on the grounds of Tōdai-ji is the contemporary museum built to display more of the temple's important artwork and relics.

2. Isui-en & Neiraku Art Museum


Isui-en is an elegant garden in two parts: one created in the 17th century, in the style of an Edo-period (1603–1868) strolling garden, and another added…

3. Yoshiki-en

0.16 MILES

This garden was once part of Kofuku-ji and since 1919 has been a public garden, laid out in traditional fashion along paths around a pond. Most attractive…

4. Tōdai-ji

0.17 MILES

Nara's star attraction is its Daibutsu (Great Buddha), one of the largest bronze statues in the world. It was unveiled in 752, upon the completion of the…

5. Nara National Museum

0.24 MILES

This world-class museum of Buddhist art is divided into two sections. Built in 1894 and strikingly renovated in 2016, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall &…

6. Tamukeyama-hachimangū


South of Nigatsu-dō and Sangatsu-dō is this historic shrine dedicated to the Shintō god of war and protector of Japan.

7. Hokke-dō

0.31 MILES

Also known as Sangatsu-dō (三月堂), this is the oldest building in the Tōdai-ji complex, dating to the mid-8th century. Inside are 10 statues from the Nara…

8. Nigatsu-dō

0.32 MILES

Climb the lantern-lined staircase to Nigatsu-dō, a National Treasure from 1669 (originally built c 750). Though the interior is private, the verandah has…