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Halfway down Omote-sandō, this museum has local-history exhibits, as well as some of the floats used in the Narita Gion Matsuri (the town's major festival) on display.

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1. Omote-sandō

0.05 MILES

Local ordinances have preserved the traditional architectural look of Narita's main shopping drag as it winds its way towards the Narita-san Shinshōji…

2. Narita-san Shinshōji

0.19 MILES

The landscaped grounds of this venerable temple, founded in 940, are among the largest in Japan, and are laced with walking paths. The temple buildings…

3. Tokyo Sea Life Park

27.43 MILES

Tokyo Sea Life Park is the city's best aquarium. Particularly interesting is the exhibit that recreates Tokyo Bay's ecosystem – in case you were wondering…

4. Tokyo Skytree

28.88 MILES

Tokyo Skytree opened in May 2012 as the world’s tallest ‘free-standing tower’ at 634m. Its silvery exterior of steel mesh morphs from a triangle at the…

5. Asahi Super Dry Hall

29.47 MILES

This jet-black, inverted obelisk, part of Asahi Beer's headquarters, was designed by Philippe Starck and completed in 1989; atop it sits a 'golden flame'…

6. Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT)

29.48 MILES

For a primer in the major movements of post-WWII Japanese art, a visit to the permanent collection gallery here should do the trick. Temporary exhibitions…

7. Amuse Museum

29.53 MILES

The highlight of this museum is a fascinating collection of Japanese folk articles, mainly patched clothing and pieces of fabric, known as boro, gathered…

8. Azuma-bashi

29.54 MILES

Originally built in 1774, this bridge was once the point of departure for boat trips to the Yoshiwara pleasure district, north of Asakusa.