Calabash Bay Beach

Treasure Beach

The long, narrow arc of Calabash Bay Beach has a few beach shacks plying rum and – if you're lucky – some basic potluck cuisine (fish, mainly). Swimming is possible but can be choppy.

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Nearby Treasure Beach attractions

1. Jack Sprat Beach

0.33 MILES

At the western edge of Jake’s Hotel, brightly painted wooden fishing boats are pulled up on the sand, and there is invariably a fisher or two on hand…

2. Fishermen's Beach

0.49 MILES

This is the most centrally located beach, running east from the Treasure Beach Hotel as far as Jack Sprat Beach. It is watched over by a landmark…

3. Old Wharf Beach

0.71 MILES

This pristine brown-sand beach is the least visited of the Treasure Beach bunch. It's just east of Taino Cove, and OK for swimming as long as the sea isn…

4. Great Bay Beach

1.68 MILES

All the way at the eastern ‘bottom’ of Treasure Beach; this is its least developed portion, where the main business remains a Fisher’s Co-op building…

5. Natural History Museum

2.69 MILES

This little museum, around 3km west of Billy's Bay, is a labor of love. Concerned locals aim to educate the general public about the plight of the…

6. Lover's Leap

6.73 MILES

Lover’s Leap, a headland 1.5km southeast of Southfield, is named for two young slaves who supposedly committed suicide here in 1747. Legend says the woman…

7. Parottee Beach

8.13 MILES

Several kilometers south of Black River, this is essentially a continuation of Heavy Sands beach – more dark sand studded with shells and loads of clean…

8. Heavy Sands

8.98 MILES

A few kilometers southeast of Black River, these long stretches of dark sand are still undiscovered by most international tourists. Just don’t swim near…