Alligator Hole Wildlife Reserve

Kingston, Blue Mountains & the Southeast Coast

This lovely government-owned wildlife reserve at the end of a very rough road is notable for its family of manatees that inhabit the clear water, and its crocodiles. They live amid dense reeds in jade-blue pools fed by waters that emerge at the base of limestone cliffs, and are not always easy to see. Waterfowl are abundant.

There’s a brightly painted visitor center with displays on local wildlife. You can take an hour-long trip by canoe with a guide (tip expected).

Note that the center can be erratically manned, so it's good to treat this as part of a day out in the country to avoid disappointment. You can continue by road from here to Alligator Pond, but the road is appallingly pot-holed and (according to locals) haunted by duppies.

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