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Negril & West Coast

If you thought the north and east coasts of Jamaica were relaxed, head west to a land of long beaches and crimson sunsets where the pleasure-seeking resort of Negril shimmers like an independent republic of guilt-free sloth. Aside from producing sugarcane and surreptitiously growing Jamaica’s best ganja, western Jamaica’s raison d’être is almost exclusively touristic; elongated Negril and its hotel developments stretch for more than 10 miles along the entire western coast. In the quiet bucolic hinterland, little pockets of local life can still be glimpsed in places such as Lucea, a pretty coastal enclave bypassed by tourist traffic, wild and wet Mayfield Falls, and diminutive Little Bay, a nonresort that still feels like Negril, circa 1969. Few come to the west with a to-do list, electing instead to enjoy life in the true spirit of the hippies who founded Negril. Join them on a sun lounger and relax…mon.

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