Montego Bay Marine Park & Bogue Lagoon

Montego Bay

The waters of Montego Bay are gorgeous to behold both above and below the surface, but they have long been compromised by the effects of fishing, water sports and pollution. With the creation in 1991 of the Montego Bay Marine Park, environmental regulations at last began to be strictly enforced to protect the area’s coral reefs, flora and fauna, and shoreline mangroves.

The park extends from the eastern end of the airport westward (almost 10km) to the Great River, encompassing the mangroves of Bogue Lagoon and the fishing waters around Airport Point.

You can hire canoes or set out with a guide to spot herons, egrets, pelicans and waterfowl; swimming and crawling below are barracudas, tarpon, snapper, crabs and lobsters. Request a guide two days in advance; there’s no charge but donations are gladly accepted.

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