San Polo & Santa Croce

Slinging fresh fish daily for 700 years and still going strong, Venetian fishmongers are more vital to local cuisine than any single chef. Glistening fish, moscardini (baby octopuses) and seppie (squid) mount hillocks of ice in two open-sided Gothic-style buildings, with crabs, sea horses and fish faces carved into capitals of the supporting columns. Sustainable fishing is not new here: marble plaques show regulations set centuries ago for minimum allowable sizes for fish. Locally caught produce is tagged 'Nostrano'.

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1. Rialto Market

0.02 MILES

Venice’s main market has been whetting appetites for seven centuries, with fruit and vegetable stands abutting the rather more pungent Pescaria. To see it…

2. Fabbriche Nuove

0.06 MILES

Flanking the Grand Canal, this porticoed complex was designed by Jacopo Sansovino in the mid-16th century.

4. Chiesa di San Giovanni Elemosinario

0.08 MILES

Hunkering modestly behind T-shirt kiosks is this soaring brick church, built by Scarpagnino after a disastrous fire in 1514 destroyed much of the Rialto…

5. Il Gobbo

0.09 MILES

Rubbed for luck for centuries, this 1541 statue is now protected by an iron railing. Il Gobbo (The Hunchback) served as a podium for official…

6. Fondazione Prada


This stately Grand Canal palace – designed by Domenico Rossi and completed in 1728 – has been commandeered by Fondazione Prada, which is renovating the…

7. Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto

0.12 MILES

Steps away from the Rialto Bridge, the most distinctive feature of 12th-century St James' Church is the 15th-century clock set into the facade facing the…

8. Ca’ Pesaro

0.14 MILES

The stately exterior of this Baldassare Longhena–designed 1710 palazzo hides two intriguing art museums that could hardly be more different: the Galleria…