Chiesa di San Salvador


A dream made real, San Salvador was conceived in the 7th century when Jesus appeared to a sleeping Bishop Magnus and pointed out on a lagoon map the exact spot to build a church. There was, however, a minor technical glitch: the city of Venice didn’t exist yet, and the area was mostly mud banks. But Bishop Magnus had faith that once the church was built the parishioners would follow – and today this church perched on a bustling campo (square) proves his point.

Built on a plan of three Greek crosses laid end to end, San Salvador has been embellished many times over the centuries, with the present facade erected in 1663. Among the noteworthy works inside are two Titians: the Transfiguration behind the main altar, and at Sansovino’s altar (third on the right as you approach the main altar), his spectacular Annunciation, with a radiant dove overseeing the blushing young angel eagerly delivering the news to a startled Mary.

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