Museo della Città e del Territorio


Housed in the 17th-century Palazzo Eroli, Narni's principal museum packs several wow moments into its small collection. Chief among these are two 15th-century Renaissance masterpieces, Domenico Ghirlandaio's L'Incoronazione della Vergine and Benozzo Gozzoli's Annunciazione della Vergine. Further standouts include a pretty 1303 bronze cup taken from the Fontana di Piazza dei Priori, an Egyptian Mummy and a decorated wooden sarcophagus.

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1. Narni Sotterranea

0.11 MILES

Narni’s main drawcard is this extraordinary subterranean underworld. Discovered by a group of young speleologists in 1977, and originally accessed through…

2. Parco dei Mostri

13.78 MILES

Some 17km north of Viterbo at Bomarzo, the Parco dei Mostri is an eccentric folly that will entertain kids and adults alike. The brainchild of Vicino…

3. Chiesa di San Pietro

18.32 MILES

This big landmark church overlooks the main Via Flaminia (SS3) just outside the southern end of town. A fine example of Romanesque architecture, it was…

4. Teatro Romano

18.58 MILES

Accessible though the Museo Archeologico, this well-preserved Roman amphitheatre often hosts live performances during the summer; check with the museum or…

5. Museo Archeologico

18.59 MILES

Spoleto's archaeological museum, housed in a 15th-century monastery on the western edge of Piazza della Libertà, holds a well-curated collection of Roman…

6. Palazzo Collicola Arte Visive

18.63 MILES

The 18th-century Palazzo Collicola houses Spoleto's premier collection of modern art. The collection, named after its late former director and noted art…

7. Museo del Tessile e del Costume

18.64 MILES

Housed in Palazzo Rosari-Spada, this museum holds a collection of antique noble finery from the 15th to the 20th century, donated from the wardrobes of…

8. Arco di Druso e Germanico

18.64 MILES

This ancient arch, built in the 1st century AD and named after the Emperor Tiberius' sons, originally formed the monumental entrance to Spoleto's Roman…