Villa Saporiti


An 18th-century lakeside villa, now owned by the provincial government and closed to the public.

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1. Passeggiata Lino Gelpi

0.04 MILES

One of Como's most charming walks is the lakeside stroll west from Piazza Cavour. Passeggiata Lino Gelpi leads past the Monumento ai Caduti, a 1931…

2. Villa Gallia

0.09 MILES

This 1615 villa was the summerhouse of abbot Marco Gallio and is one of the oldest landmark villas in Como. Now owned by the provincial government, it is…

3. Monumento ai Caduti

0.25 MILES

This monument to Italy's WWI war dead is a classic example of fascist-era architecture and dates to 1931.

4. Villa Olmo

0.31 MILES

Set facing the lake, the grand creamy facade of neoclassical Villa Olmo is one of Como's biggest landmarks. The extravagant structure was built in 1728 in…

5. Tempio Voltiano

0.33 MILES

The photogenic lakeside Tempio Voltiano was built in 1927. This neoclassical temple is now a museum devoted to Como-born ­electric-­battery inventor…

6. Villa del Grumello

0.56 MILES

This picturesque villa with extensive gardens is generally open only for special events (conferences, weddings and the like). The grounds, however, open…

7. Villa Sucota

0.73 MILES

A grand villa overlooking the lake, northwest of the centre, Villa Sucota was built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been home to various…

8. Broletto

0.74 MILES

The polychromatic Broletto, or medieval town hall, sits right beside Como's towering duomo. Unusually, it butts right up against the cathedral and is very…