Area Archaeologica di Cave di Cusa

Archaeological Site in Western Sicily

Most of the buttery yellow stone used to construct the great temples of Selinunte was hewn at these ancient Greek quarries. The setting is charming – overgrown and wild, it's dotted with olive trees and wildflowers. Huge column drums forever awaiting transport to Selinunte are scattered around, and if you look carefully you will come across two carved columns ready for extraction. When removed, the columns would have been transported to Selinunte across wooden logs by oxen or slaves.

The site is about 17km northwest of Selinunte. Head 4km north on SS115dir, then 9km west on SP56 to Campobello di Mazara; from Campobello, follow the series of signposted backroads 4km further to reach the site. From Mazara del Vallo, take the SS115 east for 11km to Campobello di Mazara, then follow the signs 4.5km south to Cave di Cusa.