Temple E

Western Sicily

Built in the 5th century BC and reconstructed in 1958, the majestic Temple E stands out among Selinunte's eastern group due to its completeness. As you enter the site from the ticket office, it's the first temple you'll come to.

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1. Eastern Temples

0.04 MILES

The eastern temples are the most stunning of all Selinunte's ruins, crowned by the majestic Temple E. Built in the 5th century BC and reconstructed in…

2. Temple F

0.05 MILES

Now reduced to a massive pile of rubble, Temple F is one of Selinunte's three eastern temples.

3. Parco Archeologico di Selinunte


The ancient Greek metropolis of Selinunte was built in the 7th century BC on a promontory overlooking the sea, and over two and a half centuries became…

4. Temple G

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The northernmost of Selinunte's eastern temples, Temple G was built in the 6th century BC and, although never completed, was one of the largest temples in…

5. Lido di Zabbara

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No visit to Selinunte is complete without a walk along this attractive stretch of beach below the archaeological site, which affords marvellous views back…

6. Temple B

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Up on Selinunte's Acropolis, this smaller temple dates from the Hellenistic period and could have been dedicated to the Agrigentan physiologist and…

7. Ancient City

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Occupying the hill of Manuzza, to the north of the acropolis, the Ancient City, where most of Selinunte's inhabitants lived, is the least excavated of all…

8. Acropolis

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The Acropolis, the heart of Selinunte's political and social life, occupies a slanted plateau overlooking the now-silted-up Gorgo di Cottone. Huddled in…