Putzu Idu

Western Sardinia

Backed by a motley set of holiday homes and beach bars, Putzu Idu's beach sits in the north of the peninsula. It's a picturesque strip of sand that's something of a water-sports hotspot with excellent surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. To the north, the Capo Mannu promontory is scalloped with a tantalising array of more secluded beaches and battered by some of the Mediterranean's biggest waves.

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Nearby Western Sardinia attractions

1. Is Arenas

5.17 MILES

About 3km south of S'Archittu, just outside the town of Torre del Pozzo, tracks lead off the SS292 to Is Arenas beach, which at 6km is one of the longest…

2. Is Aruttas

5.19 MILES

One of the peninsula's most famous beaches, Is Aruttas is a pristine arc of white sand fronted by translucent aquamarine waters. For years its quartz sand…

3. Isola di Mal di Ventre

5.96 MILES

This bare, rocky island 10km off the coast owes its strange name (Stomach-ache Island) to the seasickness that sailors often suffered while navigating its…

4. Spiaggia dell'Arco


On the northern fringe of the beachside community of S'Archittu, the Spiaggia dell’Arco features a dramatic stone arch that rises 6m above the emerald…

5. Chiesa di San Salvatore

7.67 MILES

In the centre of the village, the 17th-century Chiesa di San Salvatore stands over a stone ipogeo (underground vault) dating to the nuraghic period. This…

6. Oasi di Seu

8.81 MILES

A few kilometres out of Tharros, and signposted off the main road, the Oasi di Seu is a veritable Eden of Mediterranean flora. Once you’ve navigated the…

7. Museo Civico

9.39 MILES

Cabras' cultural highlight is the Museo Civico, and the real superstars here are the so-called Giants of Monte Prama, a series of towering nuraghic…

8. Chiesa di San Giovanni di Sinis

10.09 MILES

Built from softly worn sandstone, Chiesa di San Giovanni di Sinis is one of the two oldest churches in Sardinia (Cagliari’s Basilica di San Saturnino is…