La Prisgiona

Costa Smeralda

Covering an area of several square kilometres, the partially excavated nuraghic ruins of La Prisgiona are among the most extensive in northeastern Sardinia. At the centre of the site are a main keep and two side towers, flanked by a 7m-deep well and the remains of a village containing the foundations of several dozen stone huts. To get here, drive 1km or walk the scenic nature trail from nearby Coddu Ecchju.

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1. Coddu Ecchju

0.39 MILES

Taking the Arzachena–Luogosanto road south, you can follow signs to one of the most important tombe dei giganti in Sardinia. The most visible part of it…

2. Li Lolghi

1.99 MILES

This tomba di gigante is quite striking. The central east-facing stele, part of which was snapped off and later restored, dominates the surrounding…

3. Li Muri

2.63 MILES

This necropolis is a curious site made up of four interlocking megalithic burial grounds, possibly dating to 3500 BC. Archaeologists believe that VIPs…

4. Nuraghe di Albucciu

2.84 MILES

This is the nearest nuraghe to town, and certainly the easiest to find, on the main Olbia road, about 3km south of Arzachena. It’s unusual for several…

5. Tempio di Malchittu

3.32 MILES

Accessible via a 2km track from the Nuraghe di Albucciu ticket office, this temple dating back to 1500 BC is one of only a few of its kind in Sardinia…

6. Olivastri Millenari di Santo Baltolu

6.28 MILES

Signposted as 'olivastri millenari', this delightful off-the-beaten-track nature reserve shelters a group of wild olive trees that have been growing for…

7. Spiaggia Liscia Ruia

8.82 MILES

Though busy in peak season, this beach is a beauty – a long arc of pale, fine sand and crystal-clear water. It's close to the neo-Moorish fantasy that is…

8. Roccia dell’Orso

9.06 MILES

This weather-beaten granite sculpture sits on a high point 6km east of Palau. The Roccia dell’Orso (Bear Rock) looks considerably less bearlike up close,…