Spiaggia Liscia Ruia

Costa Smeralda

Though busy in peak season, this beach is a beauty – a long arc of pale, fine sand and crystal-clear water. It's close to the neo-Moorish fantasy that is Hotel Cala di Volpe.

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Nearby Costa Smeralda attractions

1. Spiaggia Capriccioli

1.38 MILES

Dotted with granite boulders and backed by fragrant macchia, this gorgeous half-moon bay has water that goes through the entire spectrum of blues and is…

2. Spiaggia del Principe

2.18 MILES

Also known as Portu Li Coggi, this magnificent crescent of white sand is bound by unspoiled macchia and startlingly clear blue waters. Apparently it's the…

3. Spiaggia Romazzino

2.72 MILES

Less busy than some, this curving sandy bay has remarkably clear water and is named after the rosemary bushes that grow in such abundance. Look beyond the…

4. Spiaggia del Grande & Piccolo Pevero

3.06 MILES

This twinset of stunning bays, 3km south of Porto Cervo, fulfil the Sardinian paradise dream with their floury sands and dazzlingly blue, shallow water…

5. Piazzetta

4.32 MILES

The place to be seen is the Piazzetta, a small square at the centre of a web of discreet shopping alleys. From the piazza, stairs lead to the Sottopiazza…

6. Chiesa di Stella Maris

4.37 MILES

Perched above Porto Cervo is Michele Busiri Vici’s surreal white church with a funnel-shaped bell tower. The church hosts classical-music concerts in the…

7. Louise Alexander Gallery

4.38 MILES

Visit this gallery for temporary exhibitions showcasing works by contemporary artists, such as a recent one featuring Israeli sculptor Arik Levy. The…

8. Tempio di Malchittu

6.19 MILES

Accessible via a 2km track from the Nuraghe di Albucciu ticket office, this temple dating back to 1500 BC is one of only a few of its kind in Sardinia…