Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena

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Established in 1996, Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena consists of seven main islands and several smaller granite islets off Sardinia's northeastern coast. Over the centuries the prevailing maestrale (northwesterly wind) has helped mould the granite into the bizarre natural sculptures that festoon the archipelago. The spectacular seascapes of La Maddalena's outer islands are best explored by boat, although the two main islands have plenty of charm with their sun-baked ochre buildings, cobbled piazzas and infectious holiday atmosphere.

The seven principal islands are the high points of a valley surrounded by mountains, now underwater, that once joined Sardinia and Corsica. When the two split into separate islands, waters filled the strait now called the Bocche di Bonifacio. The area is an important natural habitat, and although national-park status has imposed protection, the ecosystem remains fragile. For this reason, a joint Italian-French marine park, the Parco Marino Internazionale delle Bocche di Bonifacio also offers protection. Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena has been on the list of potential Unesco World Heritage Sites since 2006.

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