Isola Santa Maria

Northeastern Sardinia

The most exciting part of a visit to Isola Santa Maria is the journey across the crystal-clear aquamarine waters that lap its southern shores – known as Porto della Madonna or Porto Madonna, this area is renowned as one of the world's most gorgeous seascapes. On the island itself, boats typically stop at the often-crowded Cala Santa Maria.

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Nearby Northeastern Sardinia attractions

1. Isola Razzoli

1.26 MILES

The northwesternmost island in the archipelago, Isola Razzoli is a popular destination for boat tours, which ply the waters of its fjord-like Cala Lunga.

2. Isola Budelli

1.68 MILES

This small island near the northwestern corner of the Maddalena archipelago is best known for its Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach), so-called because of the…

3. Isola Spargi

4.28 MILES

West of Isola Maddalena, Isola Spargi is necklaced by sandy coves and inlets. One of the best is Cala Corsara, where the sea is topaz blue.

4. Museo Archeologico Navale

5.32 MILES

About 1km out of town, on the road to Cala Spalmatore, this museum exhibits finds from a 1st-century shipwreck. The two modest rooms are presided over by…

5. Museo Diocesano

6.02 MILES

You could pass half an hour or so inspecting the religious bits and bobs at this museum in the back of the modern Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena.

7. Îles Lavezzi

7.13 MILES

Paradise! If you love to splash in tranquil lapis-lazuli waters, this protected clutch of uninhabited islets was made for you. The largest, the 65-hectare…

8. Compendio Garibaldino

7.19 MILES

Giuseppe Garibaldi, professional revolutionary and all-round Italian hero, bought half of Caprera in 1855 (he got the rest 10 years later). He made it his…