Landscape of the crystal clear waters of the main beach in Tavolara Island.

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Isola Tavolara

Top choice in Northeastern Sardinia

Rising from the sapphire sea like some kind of giant sea creature, this rocky island is a sight to behold. The main draw is splashing about in the translucent water of the white-sand Spiaggia Spalmatore, and admiring the incredible views of Tavolara’s heights and mainland Sardinia. You could wander down to the little cemetery to see the graves of Tavolara’s kings (the title was bestowed by Carlo Alberto in 1848 after a successful goat-hunting trip).

The island – just 5km long and 1km wide – used to be known as the Island of Hermes, perhaps because you need wings to reach the plateau (565m), which is inhabited only by seabirds and falcons, as well as a few nimble-footed wild goats. The few people who live here reside on the western side, at Spalmatore di Terra, where the boats land and where there are a couple of beachside snack bars.

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