Monte Limbara

Northeastern Sardinia

Some 17km southeast of Tempio, the jagged summit of Monte Limbara (1359m) dominates the gritty landscape. The easiest way to reach it is to drive. From Tempio, head south past the train station and follow the SS392 road for Oschiri. After 8km you will hit the left turn-off for the mountain. Up top, the air is cool and refreshing, even on a midsummer’s day, and the views west towards Sassari and north to Corsica are breathtaking.

From the turn-off, the initial drive takes you through thick pine woods. As you emerge above the treeline, a couple of punti panoramici (viewing spots) are indicated, from where you have terrific views across all of northern Sardinia. One is marked by a statue of the Virgin Mary and child, near the simple Chiesa di Santa Maria della Neve. The road then flattens out to reach the viewing point of Punta Balistreri (1359m), where the RAI national TV network has stacked its relay and communication towers.

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Nearby Northeastern Sardinia attractions

1. Museo del Vino


You can find out about local winemaking and taste some of the area’s Vermentino at the modern Museo del Vino right at the top of town.

2. Cantina Gallura

5.18 MILES

This cantina 1.5km east of town is the perfect place to stock up on the local DOCG Vermentino di Gallura.

3. Convento degli Scolopi

5.36 MILES

Tempio is replete with churches, and an indication of the town’s former importance lies in the presence of the 17th-century Convento degli Scolopi. It’s…

4. Oratorio del Rosario

5.52 MILES

Built in Pisan Romanesque style, this church in the town centre dates to the time of Spanish domination of the island.

5. Cattedrale di San Pietro

5.53 MILES

This granite cathedral is the town’s imposing centrepiece. All that remains of the 15th-century original is the bell tower and main entrance.

6. Chiesa del Purgatorio

5.54 MILES

This modest 17th-century church, presiding over Piazza del Purgatorio, has an intriguing history. The story goes that a member of the noble Misorro family…

7. Fonti di Rinaggiu

5.67 MILES

Since Roman days Tempio has been known for its mineral-rich springs, said to have a curative effect on all who drink from them. Locals still come to fill…

8. Museo Etnografico Galluras

5.91 MILES

The Museo Etnografico Galluras celebrates local rural traditions with a collection of agrarian tools and a reconstructed village house. Rooms showcasing…