Museo Archeologico di Santa Scolastica

Top choice in Bari

Housed in a well-preserved 16th-century defensive bastion, this excellent museum reopened in late 2018 and features a superbly curated overview of the historic origins of Bari. Interactive features showcase a fascinating timeline including the city's Bronze Age and Hellenistic periods, and carefully illuminated walkways traverse the considerable remains of a medieval church dedicated to St Paul and St John. A highlight is the museum's collection of sepulchral funerary slabs dating from Roman times.

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1. Museo Nicolaiano

0.14 MILES

Exhibits artefacts from the adjacent Basilica di San Nicola, including chalices, vestments, parchments, relics and paintings.

2. Basilica di San Nicola

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Bari's signature basilica was one of the first Norman churches to be built in southern Italy, and is a splendid (if square and solid) example of Pugliese…

3. Cathedral

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Built over the original Byzantine church, the 12th- to 13th-century Romanesque cathedral, dedicated to San Sabino, is technically Bari's most important…

4. Museo del Succorpo della Cattedrale

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This subterranean museum beneath Bari cathedral reveals well-preserved remnants of an ancient Christian basilica and various Roman ruins. This fascinating…

5. Colonna della Giustizia

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The Colonna della Giustizia (Column of Justice) is the place where debtors were once tied and lashed (in the less gentle days of the 16th century).

6. Piazza Mercantile

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This beautiful piazza is fronted by the Sedile, the headquarters of Bari's Council of Nobles. In the square's northeast corner is the Colonna della…

7. Castello Svevo

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Roger the Norman originally built this castle in the 12th century over the ruins of a Byzantine structure. Later, Frederick II of Swabia built over the…

8. Spazio Murat

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Check out this repurposed heritage building for an ever-changing series of interesting and innovative cultural and art displays, part of the nexus of…