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$98.34 Day Trips & Excursions

Pompeii and Sorrento Day Trip from Naples

After pickup from your centrally located Naples hotel, relax and enjoy a drive by luxury coach to Pompeii, one of the most fascinating places in southern Italy. On the way, pass the magnificent Italian volcano, Mt Vesuvius, and stop for a great photo opportunity.Learn how in 79 AD the entire town of Pompeii and its inhabitants were buried under ash and pumice from a violent explosion from Mt Vesuvius. On your guided tour, discover the everyday life of the Imperial Age and imagine the panic of the people before the city was so disastrously buried.With your guide, explore fascinating Pompeii attractions such as the Forum, formerly the civic center of Pompeii that supported buildings for business, religion, and the local government. See the Lupanar -- the official brothel of Pompeii in medieval days -- and learn how the Thermal Baths were divided into separate areas for men and women. These public baths were a place for people to relax and socialize.After visiting Pompeii, stop for lunch at a local pizzeria.. Next, visit Sorrento for a walking tour around this charming little town. Be enchanted by the gorgeous beaches of Vico Equense and Seiano, and see the typical Mediterranean vegetation brimming with lemon and orange trees. Stop at a panoramic viewpoint in Meta di Sorrento for amazing views of the bay and the Mediterranean Sea.Your guide will show you the most renowned places as you walk through narrow streets full of stores and quaint workshops. See one of the most scenic places in Sorrento, Villa Comunale, from where you can see as far as Punta Campanella and Capri Island. Take in the breathtaking scenery before returning to Naples by luxury coach.

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Herculaneum Archeological Site Tour from Sorrento

Meet your expert guide and air-conditioned coach outside your centrally located Sorrento hotel, or at a nearby prearranged location if the coach is unable to access the narrow streets in front of your hotel.Enjoy your scenic journey through the terracotta towns and along the coastline. Arriving in Herculaneum after roughly an hour, marvel as you approach the statuesque whitewashed plaster– and red-brick archway that serves as the site's entrance.An ancient Roman town set in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, Herculaneum was submerged under a torrent of lava and mud in 79 AD when the volcano violently erupted. Unlike the unfortunate souls who perished in Pompeii, it was originally believed that the town’s inhabitants were able to flee successfully. However, a few decades ago, some 300 skeletons were discovered by the coastline, buried under layers of mud.As you stroll through the well preserved streets with your guide, pass historical buildings with clay pots and other artifacts still stored inside, as they would have been before Mt Vesuvius flooded the town with lava some 2,000 years ago. Visit the most important sites of the UNESCO-listed Herculaneum Archeological Site, from the gymnasium to the well-preserved murals and mosaics at the public baths, and listen as your guide brings the ancient history of the area to life with interesting facts and tales from millennia ago.After exploring the Herculaneum Archeological Site, your tour concludes back at your Sorrento hotel in the afternoon.

$323.93 Day Trips & Excursions

Ruins of Herculaneum Private Tour from Naples by Train

Start your day with a pickup from Naples cruise terminal, or meet your guide at the train station. Then, hop aboard the Circumvesuviana train with your private guide, and relax on the 20-minute journey from Naples to Herculaneum. As you travel, listen to your guide’s introduction to Herculaneum and learn the town was buried beneath a sea of lava and mud after one of Mt Vesuvius’ devastating eruptions. One of the benefits of having a private guide is that the commentary can be tailored to your interests. So, if you have any burning questions, feel free to ask your guide throughout your tour.Hop off your train, and take a 20-minute downhill walk to Herculaneum archaeological park, wedged between the bay and the brooding shadow of Mt Vesuvius. The park has made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list for its wealth of well-preserved ruins. On your walking tour, take in sights of the ancient marina where, chillingly, hundreds of skeletons from the town’s fleeing population were discovered. Wander along streets fossilized by the ancient eruption as your guide tells the tale of Herculaneum’s fated citizens. See highlights such as the House of Albergo and the Hall of Augustales with its impressive frescoes. The public baths, outdoor gym, food shop and houses of Neptune and Amfitrite are just a few of the other highlights seen on your route. If time permits, a visit to the intriguing House of Wooden Partition may be included, too.After a visit to the Herculaneum bookshop, your tour ends. Get some directions from your guide to walk back to the station, or take a cab. Trains back to Naples depart frequently from Herculaneum.

$53.47 Day Trips & Excursions

Herculaneum Ancient Rome Private Rail Tour from Sorrento

Meet your private guide at Sorrento train station in the morning or afternoon. Then, catch a train (own expense) for your roughly 45-minute journey to Herculaneum, and hear from your guide how the town was submerged under lava and mud in 79 AD, during a devastating eruption of Mt Vesuvius.As your train skirts the coast, admire the breathtaking views of the Bay of the Naples and Mt Vesuvius, and marvel at the sight of Herculaneum’s sunken archaeological park sandwiched between the bay and volcano.On arrival, walk downhill to Herculaneum’s entrance and talk to your private guide about any sights you want to see more or less of, so they can tailor the itinerary around you.Enter the UNESCO-listed site (own expense) and scan the ruins below as you hear how they comprise around a quarter of the town. Take in the sight of the ancient marina, where 300 human skeletons — the remains of some of the fleeing population — were discovered.Stroll down the streets fossilized by the eruption as your guide recounts the fate of Herculaneum’s citizens. See all the highlights, including the House of Albergo, the fresco-adorned Hall of the Augustales, and the fresco-coated House of Neptune and Amfitrite. On your travels, also stop at the public baths, the outdoor gym and the well-preserved food shop. Gaze in wonder at the shop counter, still fitted with the jars that held ready-to-eat ‘fast’ food for customers.Depending on availability, you’ll also visit the House of the Wooden Partition, famous for its remarkable, nearly intact wooden partition screen.Lastly, visit the Herculaneum bookshop, and then walk or get a cab (own expense) back to the station. Relax on your train ride to Sorrento, where your tour ends at the original starting point.

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Pompeii Half Day Exploration Tour

Go back in the past and discover how the rich ancient Romans lived 2 thousand years ago. Explore the biggest archaeological site of Europe, visited by more than 3 million people per year. Pick up will be from your hotel and departure for Pompeii will commence.In two hours, a local guide will reveal the secrets of this beautiful ancient Roman city situated at the foot of Mt Vesuvius. Pompeii was destroyed and covered by a rain of lapilli (small stones produced during a volcanic eruption) during the eruption of the 79 BC.You will visit splendid villas, the Amphitheatre, imperial forums, temples and thermal baths, the so famous Abundance Street. There are wonderful frescoes that testify to the splendor of the time.At 1:30 pm you will be transferred back to your hotel.

$109.91 Tours & Sightseeing

Naples, Pompeii and Sorrento full day tour from Naples

Pick up in hotel at 8:15 and first stop at the cathedral to visit its treasure chapel and S.Restituta basilica. Drive along the town hall square where’s the New Castle built by French family of Anjou and stop in Posillipo area on S.Antonio church terrace to get the best view of the city and the bay. Go on to Plebiscite square to see the front of the Royal Palace, the beautiful church of  St.Francesco di Paola in its neoclassic style, Umberto I gallery and San Carlo theatre; transfer to Pompeii to explore one of the most fascinating places of Naples environs under the narration by a professional guide. In roman time Pompei was a rich and populated town, full of private and public buildings. On a summer's day in 79 A.D, the entire town and around 20.000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and pumice because of a violent explosion of Mt Vesuvius. A shower of very fine ash was deposited everywhere to a depth of more than six meters, enveloping everything and adhering to the forms of the bodies and of their clothes. Almost 2.000 years later, you have the opportunity to discover the everyday life of the Imperial Age and imagine the panic of the people before the city was so disastrously buried. In two walking tour, your guide will show you fascinating places such as The Forum, Thermal Baths, Lupanare and Vetti's House with it's beautiful frescos. After the visit brief stop for lunch and departure toward Sorrento coast. It will be possible to admire during the way the suggestive medieval Castle from which the name of the famous town Castellammare di Stabia comes, the small and enchanting beaches of Vico Equense and Seiano and the typical mediterranean vegetation full of lemon and orange trees. Stop at the panoramic viewpoint in Meta di Sorrento to look up to the wonderful sight of the bay overlooking the sea. Stop in Sorrento for a brief visit of the town (about one hour). The guide will show you the most renowned places walking throught the suggestives narrow streets full of stores  and little workshops, as far as one of the most scenic place of Sorrento: the so-called Villa Comunale from where is possible to admire the beauties of the golf as far as Punta Campanella and Capri Island and immortalize the breathtaking scenary. Return to Naples at around 5:15 pm.

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