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Teatro Farnese


Rebuilt to original plans after WWII bombing, this stunning theatre is almost entirely made out of wood. The great Monteverdi, frustrated by the theatre's acoustic problems before its inaugural event in 1628, was forced to put his orchestra in a pit below the stage – long before 19th-century composer Wagner established this modern practice. The stage is accessed via Galleria Nazionale.

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1. Galleria Nazionale

0.02 MILES

The Galleria Nazionale displays Parma’s main art collection in dark and ambiently affective environs. Alongside works by local artists Correggio and…

2. Museo Archeologico Nazionale

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The Museo Archeologico Nazionale exhibits Roman artefacts discovered around Parma, Etruscan finds from the Po valley and a small but fascinating exhibit…

3. Palazzo della Pilotta

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Looming over the manicured lawns and modern fountains of Piazza della Pace, this monumental palace is hard to miss. Supposedly named after the Spanish…

4. Pinacoteca Stuard

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Giuseppe Stuard was a 19th-century Parmese art collector who amassed 600 years worth of epoch-defining art linking the Tuscan masters of the 1300s to…

5. Chiesa di Santa Maria della Steccata


Behind the Palazzo del Governatore in the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Steccata, you’ll find some of Parmigianino’s most extraordinary work, notably the…

6. Ponte Romano Spazio Aemilia

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Parma's Roman Bridge originally dates to 187 BC and re-opened to the public after extensive renovations in 2018. Two of the bridge's 11 arches are now…

7. Museo Diocesano

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On the other side of the square to the duomo, in the cellars of the former bishop's palace, this museum displays statuary. Highlights include a finely…

8. Piazza del Duomo

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Flanked by a harmonious trio of buildings – the duomo, campanile and baptistry – Parma's cathedral square is one of the city's most elegant public spaces.