Museo del Violino

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Cremona’s history echoes to sound of violins and violin-making, meaning a visit to this relatively new, state-of-the-art museum is practically obligatory should you desire to understand the city properly. Essential pit stops include a small workshop where you can see a luthier (violin-maker) in action, a dramatically lit corridor full of gorgeous Cremona-made violins dating back to the 17th century, and a special room containing the drawings, moulds and tools legendary craftsman Stradivari used in his workshop.

Don't miss the enclosed wooden 'immersion dome' where you can listen to the violin in action as videos of famous performances are projected on the ceiling (it's about as close as you can get to being inside the soundbox of a violin). The complex also features a specially engineered auditorium that hosts classical-music events. Pick up a free audio guide to explore the collection.

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