Gan Ha’Em


Sculpted on the crest of Mt Carmel in 1913, this shady, kid-friendly public garden – whose name means 'Mother’s Park' – has a zoo, a playground and an amphitheatre that hosts free concerts on some summer evenings. It's located across from the upper terminus of the Carmelit metro line.

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1. Zoo

0.09 MILES

The shaded slopes below Gan Ha'Em are home to a compact zoo with free-roaming peacocks, an aviary, a reptile house and habitats for monkeys, meerkats,…

2. Mané–Katz Museum

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Ukraine-born artist Emmanuel Mané-Katz (1894–1962) was an influential member of the early-20th-century School of Paris and is best known for his colourful…

3. Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

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Founded in 1959 by art collector Felix Tikotin, this small, low-lit gallery immerses visitors in the sensory qualities of Japanese art. A visit here is…

4. Louis Promenade

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5. Viewing Balcony

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Situated about 100m up the hill from the tour entrance of the Baha’i Gardens, this viewing platform allows a bird’s-eye view over the Shrine of the Báb…

6. Baha’i Gardens

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7. Shrine of the Báb

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Though it’s primarily a pilgrimage site, modestly dressed visitors are allowed to enter this domed shrine holding the remains of the Báb, spiritual…

8. MadaTech

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Kid-friendly science exhibits fill this elegant 1912 building, including hands-on displays in the astronomy rooms, optical illusions and a hall of mirrors…