Rubrics Building

Grafton Street & St Stephen's Green

Trinity College's oldest existing building dates from around 1700. It was originally part of a quadrangle of similar buildings designed to enclose New Sq, but only this side remains. The Dutch gables were added in the 1890s. It's now used as accommodation for students.

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1. Trinity College

0.03 MILES

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's most prestigious university, a collection of elegant Georgian and Victorian buildings, cobbled squares and nature…

2. Old Library & Book of Kells

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Trinity's greatest treasures are found within the Old Library and the incredible Long Room is one of the most photographed rooms in Dublin, for good…

3. George Salmon Statue

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One of Trinity College's most prominent statues is that of mathematician and theologian George Salmon (1819–1904), who also served as provost of the…

4. Sphere Within Sphere

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The distinctive globe-shaped sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro was donated to Trinity College in 1992 and positioned in the raised square by the entrance to…

5. WEH Lecky Statue

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Besides having a library on campus named after him, historian, political thinker and Trinity alum William Edward Hartpole Lecky (1838–1903) has been…

6. Campanile

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The 30m-high Campanile, designed by Charles Lanyon and erected from 1852 to 1853 on what was believed to be the centre of the monastery that preceded the…

7. Berkeley Library

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Paul Koralek’s 1967 solid, square, Brutalist-style building hasn't been as vilified as other examples of the style throughout the city, but it took some…

8. Printing House

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Richard Cassel's first independent work in Dublin, dating from 1734, is this building with a Doric temple front with four free-standing pillars.