Ireland's preeminent society of letters has an 18th-century library that is home to several important documents, including a collection of ancient manuscripts such as the Book of Dun Cow, the Cathach of St Columba and the entire collection of 19th-century poet Thomas Moore (1779–1852). To gain access you'll have to register online as a reader and have valid photo ID.

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1. Mansion House

0.03 MILES

Built in 1710 by Joshua Dawson – after whom the street is named – this has been the official residence of Dublin's mayor since 1715, and was the site of…

2. Kerlin Gallery

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Up a flight of stairs behind a nondescript door on a dingy little lane is a minimalist art space that is the exclusive preserve of the very best of…

3. Little Museum of Dublin

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This award-winning museum tells the story of Dublin over the last century via memorabilia, photographs and artefacts donated by the general public. The…

4. Fusiliers' Arch


The main entrance to St Stephen's Green is beneath Fusiliers’ Arch, at the top of Grafton St. Modelled to look like a smaller version of the Arch of Titus…

5. Phil Lynott Statue

0.11 MILES

Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott (1949–86) was one of the most beloved of all Dubliners – the epitome of the fun-loving rocker. This bust (2005) of the…

7. St Stephen's Green

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St Stephen's Green’s 27 acres is the most popular park in Dublin city centre. Come for a leisurely stroll in elegant landscaped gardens, stay for the…

8. WB Yeats Statue

0.17 MILES

You won't recognise him, but this abstract 1967 sculpture by Henry Moore is actually meant to be poet WB Yeats – the clue is in the distinctive cape shape…