Iveagh House

Grafton Street & St Stephen's Green

The headquarters of the Department of Foreign Affairs occupies two splendid Georgian houses that were joined together by Benjamin Guinness when he bought them in 1862 as his city residence. No 80 – the house on the left as you look at the building – was designed by Richard Cassels in 1736. The house was given to the Irish state in 1939 by Benjamin's grandson Rupert.

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1. Iveagh Gardens

0.05 MILES

These beautiful gardens may not have the sculpted elegance of the other city parks, but they never get too crowded and the warden won't bark at you if you…

2. Museum of Literature Ireland

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Newly opened in September 2019, the Museum of Literature Ireland is a digital, interactive exploration of Ireland's deep literary heritage, from the…

3. Countess Markievicz Bust

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This 1954 bronze bust of the Countess Markievicz, in the southeastern corner of St Stephen's Green, is the work of artist Seamus Murphy (1907–75) and…

4. Newman University Church

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Cardinal Newman didn't care too much for the Gothic style of his day, so the 1856 church attached to his Catholic University of Ireland at Newman House is…

5. James Joyce Bust

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On the south side of St Stephen's Green is a bust of James Joyce by US-born Irish sculptor Marjorie Fitzgibbon (1930–). It faces Newman House, part of…

6. Adam's Tree

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Between the bandstand and the James Joyce statue in St Stephen's Green is a young oak tree at the base of which are scattered the ashes of guitarist Adam…

7. Garden for the Blind

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The centre of St Stephen's Green has a sensory garden for the blind, with signs in Braille and aromatic shrubs and plants that can be handled.

8. St Stephen's Green

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St Stephen's Green’s 27 acres is the most popular park in Dublin city centre. Come for a leisurely stroll in elegant landscaped gardens, stay for the…